for every pursuit

Precision means different things to different people.
Find yours with Nikon Spectacle Lenses.

What does Precision
mean to you?

Is it about staying in control? Having absolute focus? Being consistently accurate? Or striving for excellence?

For Nikon, precision is part of every day - from working with the most innovative technology to customising spectacle lenses for your unique requirements.

  • To have Control
    and excel with confidence.

  • Discipline and Accuracy
    and flawless execution.

  • Clarity and Focus
    on the art of craftsmanship.

  • Driven to achieve
    Excellence in every moment.

Precision in every pair.

Since Nikon’s inception, our pursuit for perfection has seen us deliver products of unparalleled quality. Every pair of Nikon spectacle lenses are expertly crafted to provide you with precision you need to master your pursuit.

  • Over 100 years of experience

    Nikon’s corporate history began in 1917 with optical glass manufacturing starting the following year. Ever since, Nikon’s uncompromising drive to deliver products of unparalleled quality has remained.

  • Nikon Optical Design Engine - a revolutionary perspective

    Nikon Optical Design Engine is custom technology that provides perfectly smooth vision across the entire surface of the lens - removing visual distortion. Click here to discover more about Nikon’s R&D activities.

  • Technology and innovation

    Regardless of your wearing environment, you can expect your Nikon lenses to deliver the latest in optical innovations - resulting in superior optics, reliability and durability. From missions in the blistering cold weather to the unpredictable environment in space, Nikon has earned the status of a legendary brand.