Progressive Lenses

Progressive lenses are the best option to correct presbyopia. Nikon allows a wide range of options that will deliver superior optical performance, better aesthetics and comfort, all within a single lens.

SeeMax Ultimate

Nikon’s most advanced progressive lens - bespoke to each wearer with the all-new vision insights and SeeMax technology

Recommended for: Those seeking the ultimate optical performance to make their visual experience even more powerful and personal.

Presio Power Infinite

Enhanced varifocal lenses

Recommended for: Current progressive wearers seeking maximized visual comfort

Presio SeeWide Infinite

The original aberration filtering progressive lenses

Recommended for: First time varifocal wearers, who want branded lenses

Presio Advance

Digitally Optimised Multifocal Lenses

Recommended for: Previous bifocal wearers