Presio Power Infinite

Enhanced varifocal lenses

Recommended for: Current progressive wearers seeking maximized visual comfort

Presio Power Infinite features a with wider intermediate vision for fast adaptation and a clear aberration filter for sharper vision. The lens is designed to fulfill progressive lenses’ most required criteria - "fast adaptation" and "natural vision" in a single lens.


  • Design offering fast adaptation and sharpest vision
  • Natural vision

Wider intermediate vision for fast adaption

<p>Conventional Progressive Lens</p>

Conventional Progressive Lens

<p><strong>Presio Power</strong></p>

Presio Power

Sharper vision

Optical aberrations are reduced providing the greatest possible visual clarity and sharpness.

(photo taken with actual lens placed over a grid)

<p>Conventional Progressive Lens</p>

Conventional Progressive Lens

<p><strong>Presio Power Infinite</strong></p>

Presio Power Infinite

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