As a pioneer in lens technology, Nikon strives to design lenses that offer the best possible vision to every person.

Custom-made lenses

Custom-tailor your lenses to precisely fit your visual needs.

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Thin lenses

Nikon, who introduced the first ultra-high index lens in 2000, is a pioneer in creating thin lenses.

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Lens treatments

Did you know that eyeglass lenses can be treated with over 10 layers of coatings to get clearer, stronger and offer more protection to the eye?

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How Nikon makes lenses

Have you ever wondered how your spectacle lenses are made?

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Light control

Your eyeglass lenses can control the light reaching your eyes to maximize your visual comfort and better protect your eyes.

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The best eyewear lenses are different depending on your needs.
Visit an eyecare professional and ask about the best lens for you.

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